We are London’s first bicyclean cleaning and detailing service, and will be trialling at CHINA WORKS on the 31ST JULY 2019.


You can find us in the Bicycle storage room, found in the basement of China Works.


31st July 2019, 10:00am - 18:00pm


Two options:

  1. Pre-book and complete payment online

  2. Pre-book and pay by CASH ONLY on the day of the clean. Just select “PAY LATER” on the booking form.

For an exclusive discount of 10%, use discount code CW10 on the booking form.

50% OFF




  1. Book online

  2. Place a Tag - this helps the technician to find your bike (don’t worry - we’ll send you an email explaining exactly what you need to do)

  3. Bike is cleaned to perfection

  4. Bike is placed back to original spot

  5. Ride to your next destination with a healthy, clean and sparkling bike!



Can I pay cash on the day?

Yes you can.

In order to guarantee a time slot, please book online and click on “PAY LATER”.

We can only accept cash if you decide to pay on the day.

I usually have my bike locked in the basement - will I need to come down to unlock it?

Yes you would need to unlock your bike so that the technician could move your bike to the cleaning area.

The technician will send you a text message 10-20 minutes before the start of cleaning.

What if I need to cancel the booking?

We have a strict policy that requires customers to cancel at least 24 hours before the cleaning day.

If you fail to do so, you will not be entitled to a refund. Please view our terms and conditions.

Everything looks fully booked - what now?

You can join the waiting list by clicking here.

Will the Bicyclean technician let me know when cleaning is completed?

If you would like the technician to update you when the cleaning is completed, please let us know on the booking form.

I would prefer if you came to my home. Can we arrange that?

We provide services to clients within the Bicyclean zone. More information can be found here.

Can I pay for additional add-ons?

Yes you can.

Please let us know on the booking form; or simply pay cash on the day.

How can I ensure that Bicyclean is at China Works more regularly?

There are two incredible ways that you can help us:

  1. TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES - CHINA WORKS will be looking at the level of demand of this service. The more people use us is the better.

  2. LEAVE A GREAT REVIEW - CHINA WORKS will be measuring just how great and professional we are. Leave an awesome review and we’d be happy to give you a 15% discount on the next cleaning day.

    I have already booked, but is there anything else I need to do?

    Once everything is booked, you will receive an email (usually within 24 hours) explaining the next steps.

    The 3 main Golden Rules are:

    • REMOVE LIGHTS etc - Make sure you have removed any lights, bells, locks and other fixtures that will impede the speed of the technician. If you fail to do so, this may affect the quality of the clean.

    • USE OUR TAGS - It is important that our technician finds your bike fast and easily. We will email you instructions on how you can find our large tags which you’ll then need to stick to your bike.

    • LEAVE A REVIEW - The 31st JULY is our Trial day at CHINA WORKS. In order for us to be a permanant fixture, we need to prove just how good we are! Give us a honest and fair review and we’ll give you a 15% discount on our next cleaning day at CHINA WORKS.


Have any further questions?

Please send us an email to, and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.