Do you work for a cycle friendly company in London?

Do you have more than 10 colleagues who regularly cycle to and from work?

Then you are in luck! We are a start-up and need some help with expanding to different corporations across London.

What do we need from you?

Its pretty simple really!…I promise.

Our vision is to create cleaning hubs at every cycle-friendly company in the UK. These hubs will enable employees to enjoy valeting services while they are work and/or meet deadlines.

We need contact information of the person that will best deal with this matter. This will usually be the person in charge of employee health and wellbeing.

We would require the following:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Telephone number (if applicable)

  • Position

What do you get in return?

Most cycle-friendly companies sign up for a mid-tier offerings instead of our premium offerings.

Once we are successful with securing a deal with your company, you will recieve VIP treatment:

  • Priority booking allowing you to jump the waiting list as often as you’d like

  • You’ll be entitled to our premium tier services including rust removal, scratch removal, and premium standard waxing of the frame

  • If you have more than 1 commuter bike, bring it in to us. We’ll do it at no extra charge!


How can you get the ball rolling?

Once you find out the relevant contact information, please email us at We would also love to know your position and how long you have been working their.

Strength in Numbers

There’s an old cliche that there is real strength in numbers - and its true!

The louder your voice is the more likely your company will take us on. If you have a Bicycle Users Group (BUG); or have colleagues who may also love this as an employee benefit, please reccomend us.