For Employer 

We are Bicyclean, London’s first premium bicycle cleaning & detail service!

We provide cleaning hubs to a number of London companies who advocate a strong cycling culture.



  1. WE SET UP

One of our technicians will set up a cleaning hub right outside of your company office. For many of our clients, this will be a back entrance; a company parking area; or a back road - just somewhere that could handle water.


Our technicians use a premium bike stand which allows for precision cleaning within 60 - 90minutes (depending on the package selected).

Employees can be notified throughout the whole process too via skype or whatsapp!


We return the bike to the store room; or directly to the employee.

The friendly technician will request that the employees check the bikes; just to confirm that everything is up to scratch!


Why is cleaning important anyway?

reduce repair costs

Do we offer a corporate discount?

We certainly do.

We offer 15% off all of our packages.

Can we pilot your services?

As a new start-up, it is imperative that we gain your trust & confidence in the first place.

You can pilot our services from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Every company is unique, so during this period, we only ask that you work closely with us so that we can refine our services so that every single facet is perfected.

Where will the technician obtain the water from?

There are two options here.

First, we can obtain hot water from the company office.

Second, we build partnerships with local businesses and students in the area. This will enable us to obtain hot water from a location close-by to the cleaning hub without accessing the company office

What if there are no outdoor spaces available?

Our current business model relies on companies having an outdoor space available.

If you do not have anywhere available, it would be great if you could leave your details with us. Within the next 18 months, bikes can be collected, cleaned, and returned - a model which suits most businesses without available outdoor space.

We have outdoor space available, but our bikes are parked indoors - what then?

Two options here.

Your employees will need to work closely with us so that they can bring the bikes from the store room, to the cleaning hub.

Secondly, one of your workers could volunteer to bring the bikes to us.

How many bikes can be cleaned in one day?

One bike typically takes 1 hour to complete.

Therefore in a full - let’s say 10am until 6pm - we can clean up to 7 Advanced cleans.

How much do you charge?

We charge a daily fee which varies depending on the package chosen.

For our Advanced package: £130

For our premium package: £200

How can we get things started?

You can book a consultation with our founder, Paul Alexander.

Just send over an email to us at; and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

How will bookings be taken?

What if it starts raining?

Do you provide a repair service?

Can we provide before and after photos?