For Landlord: 

We are London’s first premium bicycle cleaning services; and we work closely with a number of Landlords across London.

As a Landlord, you want to be sure that any/business or service is safe; and doesnt not cause any damage/harm to the land and surrounding areas.

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1. What are the dimensions of the work area / stand that the operative will use?

The work area will measure 8 x 8 foot.

2. Do you use some kind of floor matting or drip tray to catch any grease / oil that is removed from the bicycle or will this just end up on the road surface?

A waterproof bunded structure will be laid on the ground before work starts, which will collect any grease or oil which escapes the chain cleaner tool. The operative uses a chain cleaning tool which collects [and contains] the majority of the dirt and grease that is removed from the chain. 

3. Likewise with the mud / dirt / grit  - does this get collected up during / after the process and disposed of?

Yes - all mud dirt and grit will be collected during the entire process