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Jockey Wheels

Chain & Rear Cassette Scrub & Degrease (does not include Full drivetrain)

Chain Towel Dried

Dry/Wet Lube



Jockey Wheels

Chain & Rear Cassette Scrub & Degrease (does not include full drivetrain)

Chain Towel Dried

Dry/Wet Lube

Quick Frame Wash

Frame Towel Dry

ATTENTION: Suited for clients who just want a quick and easy spruce up. Clients with very dirty bikes or that require a deep clean should choose the Advanced package



Full bike Wash

Full Drivetrain Clean including jockey wheels, front and rear cassettes, pedals, crank arm, chain rings, chain stay, derailers

Chain & Rear Cassette Scrub & Degrease

Chain Towel Dried

Dry/Wet Lube

Full Frame Wash

Frame Towel Dry

Tires and Rims Wash

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A little too much jargon on the pricing table? Can’t tell the difference between a jockey wheel and a cassette? Click here for image guides and a quick and easy summary.






Squirt Lube - £3.50*

Squirt Long Lasting Dry Chain Lube has unique properties that make it ideal for use in any cycling condition. It has been developed to give better lubrication, last longer and keep the chain cleaner over extreme distances for both MTB and road cycling. No degreasing is required.

Squirt is an emulsion that is blended under special controlled conditions from a number of waxes. This process gives it a unique smooth texture that makes it very easy to apply.

Due to its composition, build-up due to dirt does not occur and no grinding paste will form.


Cherry Fragrance Mud Repellent & Shine - £4.50

This add-on is perfect for the winter.

Protect your bike from dirt build up; leaves your bike looking sparkling new & smelling delicious.

Muc-Off Nanotube Chain Lube - £8.99*

Making that margin, tweaking your setup and boosting your performance on the road, the Muc-Off Nanotube Chain Lube is an innovative and well designed option that works to protect your chain and return your efficiency to within 1-2 watts of your chain's original optimal performance.

This state of the art Nanotube Chain lube allows you to re-treat your chain time and again, giving you all-weather, all-condition efficiency and protection in real-world conditions.


Colored Wax Chain Lube - **Coming Soon** - £6.99

An innovation in chain lubrication now available in bright colours, Wax-On Coloured Chain Lube combines personality and performance. Customise and silence your drivetrain the easy way with this cold-applied paraffin-based wax lubricant. The formula is naturally water repellent and won't attract dirt or grime, keeping your drivetrain cleaner for longer.

Handlebar Wrap Installation - £7.99

We install your newly purchased wraps, ensuring secure and tight fitting for longer lasting durability.

Handlebar Grip Installation - £6.99

We take the hassle out of fitting your new handlebar grips, ensuring a more comfortable and smooth commute.

Just bring your new Grips to us, and we’ll handle the rest.