Facility Managers and Landlords

We work closely with a number of different Facility Managers and Landlords to ensure 100% compliance; and frictionless usage by the end consumer.

Out of 300 commuter cyclists we have interviewed, 87% would like to have this as a company amenity.

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 What We Do…

We provide premium bicycle valet services to clients across London. We offer a wide array of packages and add-ons that will leave every bicycle spotless and refreshed.

We Are Friendly to The Environment Too!


Zero Run-Off

We wash your vehicle on the Bicyclean Wash Mat, keeping your driveway free from run-off. We also dispose of this waste water according to UK Environmental Laws.

Liquid Chemical Removal

We collect and store all chemicals using a hand-operated water pump which employs low water-level suction technology. The waste solution is taken with us at the end of the cleaning day.

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3 More Reasons To Choose Us…


We are discreet

Our work area consists of a wet area and dry area. The wet area measures 235cm by 95cm. The dry area measures at 135cm by 135cm. So we never require too much room!

We choose the best

We provide 100 hours of professional training to new recruits; and provide them with uniform to match your corporate agenda.

We are the First

We are the first in London to provide bicycle cleaning and detailing services. Using our service is a great way to differentiate yourself from other office buildings, thereby attracting more clients.



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